Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crazy Insane or Insane Crazy?

So at about 5:30 this morning a lady was driving down the street that leads into the building where I work. Apparently she had a diabetic seizure or something to that effect. She missed the left hand turn, hopped the curb, plowed through the lawn and smacked into the side of our building.

Somehow she didn't end up going through the wall, but she did take out some bushes, an AC unit and our phone lines. Only our fax line and our internet are still functional, three of our four main phone lines are down, and since I'm the glorified receptionist here this totally makes my day. I get to actually get some work done and not deal with the crazies that call in all the damn time.

Oh, and from what I hear the lady is going to be fine. Which is great. Otherwise I wouldn't take much enjoyment out of her suffering.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Working with Psychics

So a psychic called in and placed a classified ad today. She's called Mrs. Rachael, and she's based out of Sanford. Anyhow, she prepaid with a credit card, but when I attempted to process the card for her payment it came up as an invalid number. I was tempted to call her back and say to her: "Hey Mrs. Rachael, did you see this phone call coming? Because you're card is no good!" I make myself chuckle sometimes.