Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hold on, I'd like to whine for a minute

So I've decided that looking for a job that doesn't completely SUCK and pays decent... well... sucks.

Oh well. If I can't find anything decent there's always Harris Teeter.

The complete lack of a social life SUCKS also. I have no job, no school for schooling, and I don't know anybody. Sometimes I go to Wal Mart and talk to the cashiers (not really).

People always tell me I should go out and try and meet people. Problem is I don't have anybody near my age to go out and try and meet people with. There's my 17-year-old brother, but he hates places and would much rather hang out at home and play computer games. Plus he's already convinced that he hates North Carolina, whereas I'm at least trying to give this place a fair shake.

I suppose if I were brazen/drunk enough I could go out to meet people on my own, but then I wouldn't know where to find these "people" anyway. Everybody I see around here is 30+ and has at least one spouse and at least one child.

Anyhow, I'll quit bitching now. Before I go, one last thing


Okay I officially feel like a 14-year-old girl, minus the menstration. I'm done now.

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