Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fake ID case points to NCSU Students, Frat member

In a case that's been brewing over the last few days since finals have ended, two currently enrolled NCSU undergrads have been identified as middlemen to a NCSU alumn who is accused of selling fake ID's to NCSU students. This according to search warrants attained and reported on by WRAL and the Raleigh News & Observer.

Robert Wayne Bullock, the aforementioned NCSU alumnus who is(was?) a Duke grad student was arrested this week and was soon-after released on bond from the Wake County Jail.

Apparently the authorities had been aware that something was up for a few months when they started confiscating several high-quality fake id's from clubs and bars in the Raleigh area.

They were high quality because Mr. Bullock had procured himself a printer and laminator from the DMV, along with laminating paper with those nifty holograms and whatnot.

The most recent development is the indication by these search warrants that current (and, I'm assuming, soon to be former) NCSU students were helping to distribute the fake ID's to State students. These guys seem to have used the "autobahn of innovation" in a direction not foreseen by State's marketing and recruiting staff.

Here's an interesting tidbit not yet being reported anywhere that I know of: one of the NCSU students implicated in the search warrants happens to be an active member of one of NCSU's more prominent greek fraternaties. I'm not going to disclose this kid's name here since he hasn't been formally charged that I know of, and I also wont name the frat, because lets be honest, I don't have a readership, and twigs in the forest don't make a noise if nobody is there to listen.

Anyway, back to the frat angle. It's entirely possible that his being a brother at a very active campus frat is consequential, or it may turn out that his fraternity connections gave him this opportunity for criminal mischief. Either way, this isn't the kind of publicity you need if you're one of the more prominent social organizations on campus.

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aunthattie said...

So what were they using the fake ID's for... trying to get discounts?