Monday, December 08, 2008

Sign of the day: Annoy (with video!)

I wanted to do another 'sign of the day' blog today, but certain events transpired that led me to run away from Raleigh for the day. In doing so I left my trusty ASL dictionary behind, so with no pictures I decided to put my fears of looking like a fool behind and used my iSight camera to record my sign for the day. I look like hell, I haven't shaved for a while and I'm currently doing laundry which means I'm at the end of my wardrobe.

Anyway, on to the show

Today's sign: Annoy

This is definitely one of my favorite signs. I like the signed version of the word more than the spoken one. Mostly because it feels more descriptive of the mood.

Side note: I thought before that the flat right hand landed in between the index and middle fingers, but I must have been wrong, because every description of the sign I can find has the flat right hand going between the thumb and index fingers. Perhaps some of my ASL-fluent friends can let me know which version is correct.

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jessielme said...

Nope, it's between the thumb and index just like you're doing in the video.

= )

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